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About PICC

"I’ve found that the parents and professionals who devote time to the PICC, its workgroups and meetings, usually become the catalysts and the doers that make the connections that start the changes the Early Intervention needs to truly meet the needs of children and families."

The Philadelphia Interagency Coordinating Council has been established by the County and Elwyn to support the mandate of The Pennsylvania Early Intervention Services System Act that each county establish and operate a Local Interagency Coordinating Council (LICC) as a way for local families, service providers and agency representatives to share information, work together, and ensure the availability of quality early intervention services. 


  • Helps families gain access to early intervention services (for children birth to 5 years of age)
  • Provided information to other service providers on how to connect families with Early Intervention Services
  • Arrange trainings for families with children in the early intervention system to help them understand their rights
  • Provide information to families on how to support their children through the transition into preschool services and from preschool to kindergarten. 
  • Share information to families on other social services available to them in our city.
  • Publish a newsletter for families on what is happening in Philadelphia’s Early Intervention System. 
  • Share thoughts and ideas on how effective they feel the early intervention services meet their families’ needs. 
  • Work with other agencies that provide services to young children to make sure they have the support they need to include children with an IFSP or IEP in their programs. 
  • Arranges a Family Fun Day so the families in Philadelphia can gather for a special day of fun, food and information. 
Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in any meeting.   Without the participation of families, early intervention providers and other agencies’ that support families of young children the goal of the PICC cannot be reached.  Without their feedback the ability to maintain an early intervention program that is responsive to the needs of the community is limited.  Their thoughts and ideas provide valuable information and demonstrate their understanding that they have a vital part in providing leadership and direction to the County and Elwyn.  . 

Childcare, travel reimbursement for travel and refreshments are provided at every PICC event, meeting, and/or information session.   

To see photos from PICC events and for updates, please see our FACEBOOK page